3 very specific things I listen to before bed

I’m just going to come out and be honest: This post might not be very useful to you and it probably won’t miraculously help you to have better sleep.

If I was a decent lifestyle blogger who wanted to make this post SEO friendly and clickable, I’d be saying something here about how I used to struggle with falling to sleep until these “5 SUPER simple tips” cured me. But, my sleep deprived friends, this ain’t a post like that. There are plenty of those already on the Internet and I don’t think that I have anything particularly revolutionary to add, so let me quickly summaries the general gist of a lot of them for you here:

1. Don’t use your phone an hour before bed. Blue light is the devil.
2. Learn some sort of yogic breathing technique to piss off your partner with.
3. Buy a £50 sleep spray.
4. Drink some lemon water because apparently that helps with literally every ailment known to man.

Now onto the totally self-indulgent and ultra specific bit.

I’m just as perpetually tired as you are. I also like to drink a big ol’ cup of coffee as soon as I wake up. But it just so happens that I’ve found some things that I like to listen to before bed and that, occasionally, actually help to move the sleep process along. When I do finally shake myself out of the Twitter-Instagram-Whatsapp-Repeat cycle at bedtime, I usually plug in my headphones and put on something that’s not too over stimulating but is stimulating enough to distract me from my thoughts. I’ve always liked to listen to something whilst lying in bed (when I was little I had a bright yellow tape player that I used to play Spot’s Magical Christmas all year round), but I think I’ve truly got it sussed over the last few months. I’ve figured out what kinds of sounds relax me and whose voices I find soothing.

I decided today to share with you those three very-personal-to-me things that help me to sleep. And who knows? They just might help you out too. 

The Harry Potter Series, narrated by Stephen Fry 

No other book will do. No other narrator will do. If I’m listening to an audio book before bed, this is the series that I always opt for without fail. There’s something about the cosiness of Hogwarts and the godlike, dulcet tones of Mr Fry that force me to relax

I have the Audible app on my phone so that I can set a sleep timer to make sure that Stephen isn’t playing all night. 15 minutes usually does me perfectly; half an hour if I’ve had a particularly stressful day.

The Sleep with Me Podcast 

I’ve spoken before about my love for the Sleep With Me podcast, but I have to mention it again here since it’s a go-to at bedtime.

Their tag line is “Bedtime stories to help grownups fall asleep in the deep, dark night” and each of their episodes is an extremely long winded, convoluted and not all that interesting story created just to send you to sleep. They’re intentionally dull and absolutely genius.

Sophia Chang’s ASMR facial series 

Some people get ASMR (me) and some people just don’t (my boyfriend). In my case, there’s little I find more relaxing than the sound of someone whispering and tapping glass objects right up in my ear holes. It makes me all tingly and I’m not ashamed of how much it effects me in a positive way.

There are about a million ASMR videos out there in the world of Youtube, and probably 50% of them have the word “sleep” in the title. However, it’s Sophia Chang’s series that I really love to listen to before bed. In it she gives one of her friends a facial whilst whispering you through each of the steps. It’s blissful.



  1. Caterina Petrucci
    September 17, 2018 / 8:24 pm

    i loved to read this post! actually I tend to have more problems waking up than falling asleep and I have found podcasts really help me stay focused during the day!xx from italyCate ღ 35mm in Style

  2. marblmoon
    September 19, 2018 / 9:42 am

    Stephen Fry is godlike.. until he starts shouting and screaming when shit goes down at Hogwarts and breaks my peaceful slumber, I immediately forgive him though and fall back to sleep. Ooo ASMR recommendations, I will defintely be checking these out later ✨

  3. Libby-Jade
    September 19, 2018 / 3:33 pm

    I always end up listening to something way too stimulating when trying to get to sleep and then I just get too pumped up to sleep (unfortunately the songs don't do the same things in the morning). The 'Sleep With Me' podcast sounds like the perfect thing for me! x

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