Imagine 14-year-old Beth lusting over Jeffery Campbell Lita Boots and knock-off disco pants whilst attempting to ignore her science homework and you can get a pretty decent idea of where my blogging journey began. Yep, there were a lot of wishlist posts (your girl was fueling her shopping habits on £20 a month pocket money) and a lot of begging my Mum to let me dye my hair turquoise to no avail. But blogging just always felt like home. It fed my unquenchable urge to create and became a way of chatting about topics relevant to my life at the time.
Whilst at first that started off as fashion, by 2015 I’d decided that trend watching didn’t really make me tick anymore. So, I took a step back from the world of blogging to reassess what did make my insides go all fizzy with excitement. The answer? Well, a lot of things actually. Which is why I decided to abandon the idea of having a niche altogether and just talk about anything that inspires me or that I think is important. Right now that means everything from feminist issues to conscious living to self-improvement to sex. Basically, it’s everything that might come up in a conversation with my friends after a few white wine spritzers.

As for me, I’m now a 20-year-old blogger, vlogger and what the old media like to call an ‘online content creator’. I’m studying for a degree in English Literature whilst living in a quiet part of London and building a life that means I’ll one day be to do this writing thing full-time.

I want this to be one of those rare places on the internet that will remind you that real life isn’t all matcha lattes and perfect flatlays. Curly and Wordy isn’t simply culmination of my life’s best work through rose tinted glasses, it’s my process too. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy
creating on it.

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