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My 4 Earth Day Goals (and a giveaway!) - Bethany Austin

My 4 Earth Day Goals (and a giveaway!)

Happy Earth Day, ya absolute beauties! I hope that, like me, it’s making you feel even more connected to a purpose of making our world a little bit brighter. Stay put until the end of this post to read about the giveaway that I’m holding to celebrate.

Over the years, I’ve blogged about a lot of things. I’ve been a fashion blogger. I’ve been (and still am) a feminist blogger. And now, in 2018, I like to think that my blog fits loosely into the “ethical lifestyle” category. Recently I’ve become more and more passionate about making a positive change in the world and using this little platform of mine to help do that. Which is why I’ve put out so many posts about ways to reduce waste, stop funding fast fashion and shift the habits that are negatively impacting our planet.

However, I feel like it’s easy to assume that someone who talks about ethical living has got it all down. That’s just not true. I’m certainly much less wasteful and much more conscious with the way that I live than I was a year ago, but I’ve also got a hell of a long way to go. There’s no such thing as a perfectly ethical consumer, but we can all try our best and continue to learn about what we’re doing wrong. With that in mind I thought I would take this fine Earth Day as a chance to set myself some goals for living a more sustainable life. There’s always room for improvement, right? And maybe it will inspire you to make a few of your own too!

To reduce my produce packaging 

If there’s one place were I need some serious improvement, it’s the supermarket. Lack of planning means that I often find myself picking up pre-packaged food for the sake of convenience, when I actually live near to a farm shop that has loose produce. I want to start making use of my reusable produce bags and cooking from scratch on a more frequent basis. I’m also hoping to get better at packing lunches and snacks to avoid buying them in unnecessary packaging whilst I’m out.
To Reduce my animal product consumption even more 
2018 was the year that I became vegetarian, fully aware of the huge impact that animal agriculture has on our environment. It’s responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases! As the year goes on I want to focus on cutting down on other animal products – dairy and eggs – too.
To plan outfits ahead of time 
As I’ve spoken about before, fast fashion is extremely ethically unsound. Thanks to its prioritisation of profit over people, it frequently mistreats its garment makers and the farmers growing their materials. However, this industry which is founded on making cheap clothes that are created to be thrown away also has a huge environmental impact. It often uses toxic chemicals, leading to water pollution as well as textile waste.

I’ve been trying to reduce my contribution to the fast fashion industry for over a year now, but this year I want to try even harder. My main downfall is in not planning far enough ahead for events and feeling like I need to buy a new outfit at the last minute, when I could easily re-think my current clothes or buy second hand. So, my resolution is to plan ahead more to avoid those slips.
To pay ‘beach tax’/take part in clean up programmes 
As of this summer I will be living on the Kent coast once again, meaning that trips to the beach will probably be pretty regular. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing piles of plastic washing up on the shore, so over the next 365 days I’m going to be proactive. I’m going to pay my “beach tax”: Every time I visit, I’ll pick up at least three pieces and put them in the bin or recycle them. I’m also hoping to join in with some larger scale cleanups in my area.

As well as setting myself some goals for the next year, I want to celebrate Earth Day in a slightly bigger way that involves you lovely lot! I’ve decided to have a GIVEAWAY over on my twitter of some of my favourite reusable and eco-friendly products to help you to decrease your waste. With just a simple RT you could get your hands on a Bodum travel mug, some pretty rad metal straws, plantable (!) pencils, a set of beeswax wraps to use in place of cling film and a bamboo toothbrush. It’s the perfect way to kick start your conscious living journey, or to get your hands on some of the essentials that you’ve had your eye on for a while now. Remember to enter here by Tuesday 8th of April. I hope you’re as excited as I am!


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  1. Lucy Cole
    April 22, 2018 / 2:52 pm

    Love this Beth!! I'm trying to be better to the planet too – I bought my first metal straw last week!! Being conscious of my meat intake is something I've been thinking a lot about recently. Once I graduate I'm looking to try a lot more vegan and vegetarian meals!xxLucy | http://www.lucy-cole.co.uk

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