My blogging journey

When I first started blogging I was 15-years-old and it was 2012. Yep, that was around the time of the American Apparel disco pants (and all of its cheaper, almost see-through alternatives), Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots and an online community who decided to dive all the way into pastel coloured hair. From that moment on, blogging kind of became a second home for me.

Before Curly and Wordy was born I was a fashion blogger. I know. Even I find it weird to think about. Just imagine lots of wishlist posts (wishing is all you can do when you’re attempting to fund a blossoming eye for trends on £20 a month’s worth of pocket money) and OOTDs which I shot on my iPhone 3GS using nothing but self-timer mode and patience. The reasons I decided to go in the direction of fashion were two-fold. Firstly, I genuinely believed that I was destined to be the next editor of British Vogue because, at the time, clothes were the way that I expressed myself creatively. And secondly, well, I thought that the only type of blogs were fashion and beauty blogs and I sure as hell knew that I couldn’t do eyeliner.

I even did the whole ‘standing outside of London Fashion Week in the hopes of getting snapped for street style segments’ thing. And in February that is serious dedication. I really did put my heart and soul into it, but eventually writing posts about upcoming trends became less natural to me and I took a step back from it. I thought that I’d lost my love for blogging but, after a month long break, I realised that I’d actually just fallen out of love with fashion blogging specifically. I still needed some way to quench my urge to write and I still had things I wanted to tell the world, which is why Curly and Wordy was born.

As you can tell by my first ever post on Curly and Wordy, I had no idea where it was heading. In fact, I just knew that my life was about to change with my move to London to start uni only a few months away. So it seemed only right to document the adventure in some way.

Even from the beginning I wasn’t shy with the topics I chose to write about and this one about Period Tax marked the start of many a vagina-related post to come.

As time went on I got more comfortable revealing things about me personally, as opposed to just exploring social issues. This culminated in me created one of my favourite posts of all time: A Tour of my Body. Not only did it mean talking about my insecurities, but taking pictures of them!

Talking of honesty, my most popular post ever is all about my experience of trying a menstrual cup. It was shared to the brand’s Facebook page which is what made it really blow up. It received more than 100 shares, which is the closest I’ve ever come to ‘viral’! It’s still one of my proudest posts.

After spending a year at uni and realizing that I didn’t fit the ‘student stereotype’ and probably never would I wrote this. It’s actually my third most popular post, but I also got a couple of tweets scolding me for thinking I’m “better than everyone else” after writing it.

A thread that’s run through my whole blogging life is Lush. But since starting Curly and Wordy that’s morphed into a larger concern for being a conscious consumer, from using natural products and being less wasteful to not funding fast fashion.

Although I’ve always been a feminist, I was once extremely wary of using that word online lest I get verbally attacked by MRAs. Well, it’s safe to say that I got over that fear.

These days, I take particular pleasure in supporting the amazing women that inspire me on my internet travels mainly through my Girl Love series.

I want this corner of the internet to show that life isn’t all matcha lattes and perfect flatlays, which is why I spoke about this not-so-perfect period of my life.

To get to know me better, check out my A – Z of Me post and then you can basically consider yourself a close friend of mine.

Although I am opposed to the term “niche” (both because I am endlessly confused by how to say it and because it feels restrictive to impose one), at the moment I think my post topics loosely fall into four categories: Self-Improvement, Feminism, Lifestyle and Conscious Living.


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