October Favourites: I’m Back!

I felt like a Sunday evening was the best time to make my return to the world of blogging. After a day of drinking Earl Grey tea, reading and just generally being as snuggled as humanly possible, I felt the urge to write again.

You guys know that I like to be as honest as possible on my corner of the internet, to remind you that it’s not all ‘pretty flatlays of brunch’ and ‘I’m a total girlboss’ 24/7. So, in that spirit, I don’t mind telling you that October was a pretty difficult month for me. I had a lot of deadlines and a lot of stress which manifested in me not having the time to blog. Something had to slide and I thought I should probably not let that be the education I’m paying £9,000 a year for! I have a whole post planned explaining my absence, but honestly, right now I just want to have a nice chilled Sunday night chat with you all. So, dammit, that’s what I’m going to do! I’m going to sit hear and tell you about everything that has been bringing me joy. Just because I want to.

TOTM Glitter Cosmetics Purse 

A purse that encourages you to look after your vagina and has glitter on it. I mean, honestly, is there anything more ‘me’ on this planet? I certainly don’t think so. I received this and a tonne of organic sanitary products from the lovely people at Time of the Month after I contributed to their “Talking Periods” campaign. I’ve been using it to store all of my period essentials and then keeping it close by in my backpack in case an “oh shit, I’m bleeding” moment rears its ugly head. Every time I see it I’m reminded that I’m not alone in trying to beat period stigma and I want to do a little celebratory dance.

Lisa Angel Bracelet:

Over the past few months I’ve taken a bit of a step towards more dainty jewellery. Back in June I showed you my engraved bar necklace by Lisa Angel (which I still wear every single day, by the way), but I was recently lucky enough to also get gifted this bracelet from the same company. The reason I love their jewellery so much, apart from the fact that it’s all just bloody beautiful, is that a lot of it can also be personalised. This adorable little ‘B’ bracelet has been on my wrist religiously. Since it’s so delicate it goes with almost every outfit and is also great for pairing with other jewellery.

Clary Sage Oil: 

As I said, the last month has been extremely stressful. But as well as having a tonne work to do and just feeling under the weather, I let my self-care routine completely slip. I wasn’t even having Lush baths, which is when you know something is seriously wrong!

Once deadlines were over I felt like I needed to hit re-set. I desperately wanted to realign and get rid of all of the negative energy that I’d been allowing to make a home inside of me. Enter, Clary Sage Oil. If you’re anywhere as near as big of a hippie as me, then you’ll know that sage has long been used to cleanse physical spaces. Usually people burn white sage bundles, but this is all I had. So, I have no idea whether it was a complete placebo, but diffusing this every night has left me the calmest I’ve been in weeks. And frankly, that’s good enough for me.

Ethical Fashion Find: 

As you all know, I no longer shop on the highstreet and have been making a conscious effort to shop as ethically as possible. Though it hasn’t always been easy, second hand shopping has made it a lot more doable. I recently discovered the wonder that is Depop and it has changed the game. One of many successful purchases is this Alexa Chung-esque blouse (is that a completely outdated reference these days? I have no idea what I’m doing – I’m not a fashion blogger anymore!) It’s quite sheer which means I usually wear it with a vest top underneath or exceptionally pretty undies, then I just pair it with jeans and Chelsea boots. It gives off a very ‘effortlessly cool’ kinda vibe and I enjoy creating such illusions, especially when I feel exactly the opposite!


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  1. Katie Leask - La Coco Noire
    November 6, 2017 / 8:07 am

    nooooo i hope next month is 1000x less stressful for you! but definitely a good idea to whack that pretty hefty education price tag before blogging(!!!). good on ya! my sunday was spent much like yours…snuggled af in bed literally all day! the absolute dream – a sunday well spent brings a week of content! katie. xx lacoconoire.com

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