Yep, that’s right, I have launched a bloody podcast!

*Cue you all throwing biodegradable confetti in the air and doing some kinda celebratory dance.*


Anyone who has met me in real life will happily tell you that my second-favourite thing, after cold brew coffee with a pump of vanilla, is talking. I love chatting, especially when it comes things that I’m passionate about and with people that are likeminded. Though, to be fair, either of those things lacking doesn’t usually stop me. So, as much as I adore my little blog, having my own podcast seemed like the next logical step.

Introducing Everyday Ethical, a podcast about the small ways that we can be more sustainable, without the pressure to be perfect.

That means zero judgment and zero bullshit. It’s a supportive space to learn about ethical living (nope, you don’t need to own a menstrual cup or make your own nut milk).

Sounds like it might be up your street?

Get me in your ear holes by finding Everyday Ethical on Spotify and iTunes. You can also stream and read the show notes for every episode here on my blog